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Data Privacy Day 2023: 28 January is Data Privacy Day 2023, This can be described as “an international initiative to raise awareness about the significance of protecting Data Privacy Day 2023, fostering trust, and respecting privacy.” However, the existence of a day doesn’t seem like a suitable time to celebrate this significant event. Similar to last year it is expected that IAPP will be promoting Data Privacy Day 2023 to Stay Safe Online.

IAPP will be advertising Data Privacy Day 2023 to Stay Safe Online during the whole period of the month of January. KnowledgeNet chapters will host their initial activities of 2019 across the globe which will allow participants to network, exchange information from a professional perspective and enjoy a great time to begin the year. Data Privacy Day 2023 is something you can take pride in.

Data Privacy Day 2023

Data Privacy Day 2023

We’d like to bring the celebration of Data Privacy Day. We have created the Data Privacy day Swag Bag which contains images from social media and digital backgrounds that will make the KnowledgeNet Chapter celebrations.

Data Privacy Day Event 2023

Experts in privacy and data protection, On Data Privacy Day event leaders and experts, dive into the latest developments during the 4th annually held Data Privacy Day event. They also offer insights on how development organizations as well as governments and private sector organizations can play a key role in tackling privacy issues.

Data Privacy Month 2023

Data Privacy Day (DPD) is celebrated on January 28 around the globe. Informing people about Data Privacy Month practices and guidelines are the main goal of the day.

Data Privacy Day Quotes

Celebrate Data Privacy Day Quotes and spread awareness about the importance of privacy and data security.

  1. Thanks for the support! Data Protection Day, everyone. By protecting your privacy and information, you can be certain that you and others are safe.
  2. Thank you for your data privacy! keep your data secure online.
  3. Let’s toast to a successful Data Protection Day. Socialize and collaborate with other people to transform the technological world for the good.
  4. Today on the eve of Data Protection Day, celebrate and pledge to voice your opinion against harassment and cyberbullying. Enhance the quality of life in the world.
Data Privacy Day 2023

How to celebrate Data Privacy Day 2023

We celebrate Data Privacy Day every day. It is the foundation of the foundation upon that Abnormal Security was built. Our goal every day is to protect against the compromise of supply chains, credential-based phishing, ransomware and other complex threats that bypass traditional security measures for email. 

The threats that are a part of Data Privacy Day include business email compromises, which are a significant source of data security breaches. Data Privacy Day also has various resources that could be helpful to assist others in protecting themselves from such risks including the latest edition of our CISO Guide to Ransomware.

  1. Data Privacy Day and transparency are crucial in Abnormal Security, as shown by our Trust Center:
  2. We hold SOC 2 certification that includes at least one audit every year by a third party. On request, you may review the most current SOC 2 audit report.
  3. We hold Coalfire the ISO 27001 certificate.
  4. We work with our clients to resolve their privacy concerns and questions, and we provide a complete Information Privacy Day Addendum.
  5. We have taken the necessary steps to adhere to Data Privacy Day frameworks including the CCPA and GDPR.

International Data Privacy Day Theme 2023

The current International Data theme of Data Privacy Day is “Privacy Matters.” It encourages a sense of responsibility by demonstrating the importance of privacy for everyone’s lives. Since #PrivacyMatters, we need to be more aware and accountable for our personal data.

International Data Day 2023

International Open Data Day, which takes place on the date that is set annually by the International Data Day Organization, is for those who believe that all types of data ought to be made available to all. It is observed on the 5th of March this year. The concept of “International Data Day” is built on the belief that data should be freely available and accessible to everyone. International Data Day was established more than 10 years ago with the goal of recognizing the wide use of open data.

Data Privacy Day Certificate Download 2023

Alongside in addition to the Data Privacy Day Certificate download collaterals, we will have data privacy experts coming together to discuss and share new developments and advances in privacy technologies as part of the upcoming DPD. Data Privacy Day Certificate download (DPD) is celebrated on the 28th of January all over the globe.

Informing people regarding Data Privacy Day Certificate download practices and the primary goals of the day. In order to create an environment that encourages Data Privacy Day Certificate download and download, everyone is encouraged to be accountable for their Data Privacy Day Certificate download obligations.

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When do we celebrate Data Privacy Day?

28 January Every Year all over the globe.


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