PK Rosie Google Doodle honors Malayalam cinema’s first female actress today on her 120th birth anniversary

On the 120th birth anniversary of PK Rosie, Google Doodle today honored the first female actress of Malayalam cinema. GOOGLE DOODLE TODAY: In an era in which performing arts were not encouraged across all sections of society, especially women, PK Rosy broke barriers by playing a character in the Malayalam film Vigathakumaran (The Lost Child).

Google Doodle Today: PK Rosie

Today’s Doodle honors PK Rosie, the first female lead actress in a Malayalam film. On this day in 1903, Rosy was born as Rajamma in Thiruvananthapuram which was earlier Trivandrum (the capital city of Kerala). Rosie’s passion for acting started at a young age.

In an era where the performing arts were not a priority in all aspects of society, especially women, Rosie made waves with her performance as a character in the Malayalam film Vigathakumaran (The Lost Child). At present his story is an inspiration and a source of inspiration for many.

P.K. Rosy

PK Rosie
Thycaud, Trivandrum
Died1988 (aged 84–85)
Years active1928–1930
SpouseKesava Pillai
ChildrenPadma, Nagappan
Parent(s)Poulose, Kunji

PK Rosie Malayalam movie and controversy over it

  • PK Rosy was the female lead in Vigathakumaran (The Lost Child), a silent Malayalam film in 1928.
  • The actress was also the first female heroine to appear in Malayalam cinema, as well as the first Dalit artist in Indian film.
  • The film Rosie featured Sarojini as a Nair woman.
  • Upon the film’s release, some in the community were reported to be furious to see an ethnically diverse Dalit woman playing them.
  • His house is believed to have been burnt down by the upper caste.
  • Fearing the loss of her family, Rosy reportedly fled in a lorry towards Tamil Nadu, married Keshavan Pillai, the driver of the lorry, and led her life as ‘Rajammal’.
  • She did not achieve stardom and lived in seclusion from her former acting career.
  • A group of women in Malayalam cinema was named PK Rosy Film Society.

Who was PK Rosie?

PK Rosy may have been born Rajamma around 1903 and was the daughter of Paulose and Kunji. The family was based in Nandancode, Thiruvananthapuram. The actress was called a grass-cutter, had great enthusiasm for acting, and insisted on attending practice sessions at traditional schools of the performing arts, where she was a student of Kakkarisi Natakam. This form of folk art originated in Tamil Nadu and uses an amalgamation that combines Malayalam with Tamil as a form of musical theatre. The stories told are based on Shiva as well as Parvati coming to earth by the name of Kakkalan or Kakkati prophetess from an indigenous tribe.

JC Daniel first brought in Ms. Lana, a female actress from Mumbai, for the role of Vigathakumaran which means “The Lost Child”.

Film critic GP Ramachandran in an interview with TNM says, “At that time no woman from Kerala could act in films, so Jesse Daniel met a girl from Mumbai. He also shot a portion of the film. with her, but he was not able to meet her demands and she returned. After this, PK Rosy is believed to have entered the picture. In the past, actors were also considered a problem, which is probably why it was difficult for Daniel to find acting jobs.”

When the film was played at the Capital Cinema in Thiruvananthapuram, the public was infuriated because a Dalit woman had acted in the film as a Nair woman. The film is said to have had an incident in which her lover (played by Daniel) was kissing the jewelry in her hair. This irked the crowd to such an extent that they threw stones at the screen and destroyed the screen.

Although some believe that Rajamma changed her name to Rosamma and then Rosie because of her family’s conversion to Christianity, some say that it is Jesse Daniel who changed Rajamma’s name to “Rosie”, a name with more glamour.

Jesse Daniels was aware of the problems to come and decided not to invite Rosie to attend the screening at the Capitol Cinema. Several prominent people were threatening to boycott the screening even if he was to attend and including Mallor Govinda Pillai, a noted lawyer who had the honor of launching it. It was rumored that Rosie was not aware that the film was being shown publicly when she made the film but she was determined to attend the screening. However, she could watch only the second episode of the film.

“Jesse Daniels was devastated by the incident that happened during the screening of his film. There are a variety of details regarding the events that took place. Vinu Abraham has a book titled Nasha Nayika (The Lost Heroine), which also narrates events using fictional elements. Chelangatta Gopalakrishnan and Kunnukuzhi S. Mani are others who have studied this story and several books have been released on the subject. However, we cannot say with certainty that they are completely correct. There has been some criticism that these narratives were colored by the author’s personal views and opinions of events.” Ramachandran’s claim

Apart from a still from the film, there are no pictures of Vigathakumaran as well as the site of Capital Cinema which was located at MG Road in Thiruvananthapuram, it is the present Marikar Motors.

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