What do we are aware of we know about Rex Heuermann, suspect in Gilgo Beach murders that shook Long Island more than a decade in the past

Rex Heuermann, suspect in Gilgo Beach murders: The suspect detained in connection to the unsolved murders of women discovered on the New York beach highway has been identified as Rex Heuermann, of Massapequa, Long Island.

Rex Heuermann, suspect in Gilgo Beach murders: Court documents reveal Heuermann aged 59 is facing three counts of murder in the first degree in addition to three cases of second-degree murder in connection with the murders of three womenAmber Costello, Megan Waterman, and Melissa Barthelemy,

Megan Waterman and Amber Costello — in 2009 and in 2010. He was also identified as “the principal suspect” in the killing of the fourth woman, Maureen Brainard-Barnes. They were among the at-least the 10 bodies of victims discovered within the region in a case that kept investigators at a standstill for years.

Heuermann who was an architect consultant in Manhattan Heuermann was detained in the presence of Suffolk County Police and state police late on Thursday night. There was a huge police presence at his residence in the town of Massapequa Park.

Booking photograph of Rex Heuermann (inset), being held in connection to the unsolved murders that are known as”the Gilgo Beach murders on Long Island. The police searched a house at Massapequa Park, New York on the 14th of July 2023. He was arrested. was arrested.

Heuermann was in court Friday afternoon and pleaded guilty. The judge told the police to keep him in jail without bail.

The arrest comes nearly a decade since discovering the remains of many victims of Long Island’s Gilgo Beach. The murders that remain unsolved for years were the focus of many CBS “48 hours” reports, as well as”Lost Girls,” a 2020 Netflix documentary “Lost Girls.”

According to the court documents filed by prosecutors the investigation began with the “comprehensive examination of all the pieces of evidence” within the case by 2022. The authorities said this resulted in an in-depth look at the vehicle Chevrolet Avalanche registered to Heuermann during his time at the scene of the murder. It was like the one that someone saw and told about. The investigation also revealed connections to burner cell phones as well as other phone records that are believed to be associated with the suspect.

Additionally, the court filing states that the hair that was found on burlap which was wrapped around one victim was determined to have a DNA connection with Heuermann based on the Pizza crusts found in a box he had thrown away were used to get DNA samples.

Heuermann is a well-known architect. In 1994, he opened his own company, RH Consultants and Associates, in New York City. The company’s website says so. The website says that some of his customers are Target, Foot Locker, Catholic Charities, and American Airlines.

Heuermann’s picture was taken down from the “Meet our team” link on the company’s website, but CBS News took a screenshot of it before it was taken down.

This picture of Rex Heuermann is from the website of RH Consultants and Associates.

“Over the years, Rex Heuermann has helped different city agencies, non-profit organizations, developers, builders, and people who own buildings with ADA, NYC, and NY State Codes, as well as Zoning Consultation,” the company’s website says.

Rex Heuermann, suspect in Gilgo Beach murders

People living in Massapequa Park told CBS New York they were shocked by the announcement.

Rex Heuermann, suspect in Gilgo Beach murders: “We’ve been here for nearly 30 years and the guy has been silent, and never really annoys anyone,” next-door neighbor Etienne DeVilliers told the news station. “We were a bit shocked, to tell that’s the fact.”

DeVilliers claimed Heuermann is married and has two children. He also said that a neighbor told him that he is an architect.

“Like I mentioned earlier”we’re stunned. Since this is a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. Everyone is familiar with one another and all our neighbors, and we’re all very friendly. There’s been no issue,” DeVilliers said.

In a 2022 chat with Bonjour Realty that was posted on YouTube, Heuermann says he was “born and was raised at Long Island”

Star actor Billy Baldwin tweeted on Friday that he attended High School with Heuermann.

Rex Heuermann, suspect in Gilgo Beach murders: “Woke in the morning to discover that the Gilgo Beach serial killer suspect was my high school friend Rex Heuermann,” Baldwin tweeted, stating that they attended the Massapequa’s Berner High School and graduated in 1981.

Heuermann stated in Bonjour Realty last year that has been working in Manhattan since 1987.

“I’m an architect and an architect consultant, and I’m also an expert in troubleshooting,” He says, noting that he’s proficient in interpreting obscure building codes and manages numerous discussions with the Department of Buildings.

“At home, I’ve got a vast collection of old books” on building codes from the last century, he added.

On Friday, police were able to converge upon a red-colored home that was raided earlier in the day in the suburb of 40 miles to the east of midtown Manhattan according to the Associated Press reported. The officers were seen in a house that was in a state of decay.

“This house stands out like an abrasive thumb. There were overgrown trees and there was always a piece of wood on the front of the house,” neighbor Gabriella Libardi said to the AP. “It was extremely disturbing. I wouldn’t take my kid there.”

Barry Auslander, another neighbor said to the AP that the man living in the house commuted via the train from New York City each morning dressed in a tie and suit.

“It was a bit bizarre. He appeared to be a businessman,” told Auslander. “But his home is an unclean mess.”

In the interview in 2022 with Bonjour Realty, Heuermann was asked what his ideal tool would use to increase the success of his business. He responded that he would be the Hammer.

“I have a tool that is commonly used in almost every task. It’s actually the hammer used by cabinet makers,” he said. “It can be persuasive enough to convince something and it always delivers outstanding results.”

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