Shehzada Box Office Collection Today Check Day wise 1,2,3… Earning Report

In this article, we will let you know Shehzada Box Office Collection Today Check Day wise 1,2,3… Earning Report as well as other information are available on this page. “Shehzada” is among the most anticipated movie of this year. The cast includes many of the most famous actors. 

The film premiered on Friday 17th of February 2023 and it made a great debut. The initial weekend of the release of a film is often the most significant for a film, and “Shehzada” is off to an excellent beginning in this regard. So read out the full article to get the complete details.

Shehzada Box Office Collection Today

Shehzada Box Office Collection today

“Shehzada” is one of the films that has been anticipated by many this year. The film has delivered the massive box office collections anticipated of it. The film had a phenomenal opening weekend, earning 93 crores of rupees at the box office in just five days. Everyone is of the opinion that the actors performed well and the direction and plot were excellent.

The movie “Shehzada” is expected to be a hit in the theatre and will be one of the best-performing films. The film could continue its excellent performance at the Box Office. It will be fascinating to watch Shehzada Box Office Collection in the coming weeks. The film’s popularity with filmgoers and the widespread praise from critics has helped assure that it will stay in this spot.

Shehzada Movie Review

Name of the MovieShehzada
Star CastKartik Aryan
Kirti Sanan
DirectorRohit Dhawan
Article CategoryBox office collection
Shezada OTT PlatformTBA
Shehzada OTT Release DateTBA
Shehzada movie Rating4.6 Star

Shehzada Day 1 Earning Report (Friday)

“Shehzada” was a huge success and got off to a great beginning on its debut day. The film was released in overcrowded theatres across the nation and made an astounding 25 crores on its debut day. This is a huge amount for any movie. The fact that the film premiered on a non-holiday day, makes the amount even more remarkable. The favourable reviews and word of mouth have helped the film do exceptionally well in business on the first day of its release.

Shehzada Day 2 Earning Report (Saturday)

The revenues fell a little on Day 2. The film’s earnings following the first two days of theatres is around Rs. 45 crores. This includes 20 crores. 20 crores on the second day. The drop in revenues was expected, considering that Saturday is typically a slower day to go to the cinema compared to Friday. In spite of this, the film did great at the box office and the audience’s praises made them want to go back to the cinema.

Shehzada Day 3 (Sunday) Earning Report

It was a weekend and in order for “Shehzada” to be an impressive opening weekend the film had to perform very well on the 3rd day which was also the weekend. On the third day of its release “Shehzada” made the sum of Rs. 30 crores, which brought its total to 75 crores. 75 crores. Sunday saw the rise of this Shehzada Box Office Collection, an indication of the future prospects for the film. The box office profits during the weekend were impressive, and the film is a huge success.

Shehzada Day 4 (Monday) Earning Report

Monday is typically a crucial day for any film because it is a sign of the effectiveness of the film and the number of people who are watching it. The earnings on Monday for “Shehzada” were decent and amounted to the sum of Rs. 10 crores. The lower revenue was expected since it was a workday but the film is still in its place. The film grossed the sum of Rs. 85 crores within the first four days in theatres, which is an incredible amount for a movie.

Shehzada Day 5 (Tuesday) Earning Report

The film earned an estimated Rs. 8 crores on its fifth day at the theatre the film, which is down by one crore. 1 million in comparison to the day before’s revenue. The drop in earnings was not unexpected due to the fact that it was a Monday and that the film had enjoyed a great opening weekend. However, the film continues to gain momentum and has earned a total of 93 million in just 5 days on the market. It is clear that the movie is a huge commercial success.

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Shehzada Movie release date 2023?

17th February 2023

Shehzada Movie OTT Release date?

To be announced


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